About us

In the struggle with the financial crisis that began in many European countries, Greece has adopted a number of stringent internal measures and economic reforms that significantly improved the country's image in the international arena and through the creation of a favorable business environment, contributed to the growth of foreign investment and market liquidity. Strategic sectors of the Greek economy are traditionally tourism, manufacturing, construction and trade.

Our company is based on three pillars: Manufacturing, Investment and Development  in Greece.

MID INVEST  offers you the largest database of exclusive properties for sale and rent in Northern Greece, as well as the most advanced search system in the Greek market based upon a mapping service with location viewing functionality.

We offer our clients a comprehensive range of services in the construction and reconstruction of residential properties, swimming pools and marinas, as well as interior and exterior architectural and design solutions. We only collaborate with the best manufacturers and suppliers.

Moreover, MID INVEST offers new fields of activity in the sectors of fur farming and the production of full-fledged granulated compound fodder for minks and other farm animals, as well as the production of high-quality Greek olive oil and olives which can be packaged under your Trademark.



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