Solar energy systems

Without Sun temperature on the Earth surface can reach -80°C. Of course, life cannot exist with such temperature. The sun is the source of life and the origin of the different forms of energy used by people since its very first steps on Earth. Initially, the energy from the sun can meet all the primary demands of the mankind. Energy of the Sun warmth surface of Earth, seas and oceans, due to the sun exist night and day, four seasons of the year, rather than ever-frost, carried out the biological processes in nature. Solar energy is a sector of sustainable energy sources, as well as an important segment of alternative energy.

Thanks to the solar radiation we get electricity and driving force, transform the energy into heat or cold. There are several types of solar energy use. In the household primary purposes is the hot water, heating of swimming pools, autonomic heating and air conditioning facilities. Solar energy is free and almost inexhaustible, thanks to modern solar system in spring, summer and autumn we can use only alternative sources of energy and phase out consumption of gas and electricity and in winter by installing solar collectors we can save electricity up to 60%.

Austrian company Energetica is our reliable partner for high quality solar installations in private houses, villas, factories, hotels etc. We offer you the installation of solar collectors starting from the roof installation of residential buildings to the organization of the park solar panels. With 12 years experience in the international market, Energetica is the leader company for the production of photovoltaic solar power plants, exporting its products to Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and Slovenia.

At the moment Greece has become a leader in the production and use of solar systems in Europe. About 800 thousands of Greek houses equipped with solar installations. On 20th of May, 2009 resolution was passed in which was stated that the permission from the Committee on City Planning to install solar batteries is not obligatory any more. After the official permission by Greek government to install solar batteries in private houses, sustainable solar energy is becoming every day more and more popular. The market of solar energy in Greece is fast-growing, developing, reforming and attracting more investors. It has been calculated that solar energy in Greece can replace about 30% of the electricity needs of the population.

And another huge advantage of solar energy use is reducing harmful emissions and pollution in the atmosphere. Thus, Greek law exempts from taxation of 75% of the total cost of each installation. By installing solar systems in the industrial plant or in hotel you can get considerable discount from the state. Usually after installation of solar batteries you get a long term guarantee for their use. Energetica Company guarantees the quality of its products to 25 years after installation. Construction of houses with solar system becomes more popular every day. This process explains all the benefits of using solar energy. Modern solar installations do not wear out and quickly recovered themselves. 

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